About Our Company


Commitment To Service

Formed in 1992, as a manufacturer of business computing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, educational and government institutions, and individual consumers. Since its inception, MPT has continually been recognized for its commitment to service and establishing long term customer relationships. These guiding principles have served the company well as it has carefully managed to stay relevant in a very competitive industry.

MPT launched the MPT Digital Surveillance division in October 2002 to realize an underserved need in the commercial security market for a high quality and dependable security surveillance solutions. Starting with the network-enabled SafeGuard DVR product line that was the result of the company's focused efforts in developing and applying an innovative core set of hardware and software to deliver a true "live" display security DVR solution. To current NVR and Hybrid NVR software and hardware solutions, that continue the company's focus to manufacture cost effective, user friendly, feature rich, and reliable surveillance solutions.

The SafeGuard brand of security surveillance products reflect an uncompromising dedication to quality and service with a minimum of twenty years experience in the Canadian security market.